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Glass art decorates street car station [Toyama]

Toyama’s street car system is set to open a new station under the elevated JR Toyama Station when the Hokuriku Shinkansen reaches the city. The street car station is decorated with glass crafts on its western wall, dubbed the “transit lighting wall.”

The “transit lighting wall” decorates the street car stop at Toyama Station.

The installation of the wall aims to promote Toyama as a “town of glass” to tourists. The wall, 4.6 meters in height and 35 meters wide, is composed of 30,000 pieces of glass in different sizes, which were produced by Toyama Glass Studio in the city.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) illuminate the pieces from behind, changing the colors of the glass pieces. The lighting system creates five patterns of coloration, depending on the time of day.

Under the elevated Shinkansen station runs a passage that connects the north and south sides. Embedded in the central part of the passageway is a “floor chandelier,” created with about 800 blocks of glass, each of which is 15 centimeters square and three centimeters deep. The installation is illuminated by LED lights on the ceiling to create a fabulous atmosphere.

A next-generation light rail transit car runs through Toyama.

(From the Feb. 3, 2015, Toyama Edition)

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