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Colorful clay hina dolls[Toyama]

Toyama Clay Doll Studio hits the peak of hina doll production before Girls Day on March 3.

Adorable round hina dolls are on display at Toyama Clay Doll Studio.

At the studio, in the Toyama Municipal Folkcraft Village, visitors can enjoy seeing adorable clay dolls, which have round shapes and simple designs. The tradition dates back to the mid-19th century, when the lord of the Toyama clan invited a potter from outside to open a kiln and his son later produced clay dolls there. The dolls were designated as a local traditional craft by the prefectural government in 2013.

On display at the workshop are about 30 kinds of colorful clay dolls, including pairs of hina dolls and clay bells in the shape of hina dolls. Hina doll production reaches its peak from January to mid-February.

“We hope that everyone finds favorite dolls, as each of them feature different colors and facial expressions,” a person working at the studio said.

A clay doll is colored after being fired in a kiln.

(From the Feb. 2, 2015, Toyama Edition)

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