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Sake brewers salute the Shinkansen [Ishikawa]

In 2014, sake breweries in Ishikawa Prefecture began to help promote the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen by bottling their products with label designs inspired by the new bullet train.

New products with labels featuring images of the Hyakuman-san mascot and the new W7 series Shinkansen train

Yoshida Shuzoten Co., a sake brewery in Hakusan in the prefecture, has released a new product in its signature Tedorigawa series. Priced at \1,500 plus tax for a 720-milliliter bottle, the super dry sake bears a label featuring an image of the prefecture’s mascot character Hyakuman-san, appealing to consumers with its friendly image.

Two other Hakusan brewers -- Kobori Shuzoten, known for its Manzairaku brand, and Syata Shuzo with its Tengumai brand -- have also released new products with label designs featuring images of JR West’s new W7 series Shinkansen train. Both of these products are sold in 720-milliliter bottles for ¥1,200 to ¥3,000 plus tax and are gaining attention from locals and tourists. According to the Ishikawa Sake Brewers Association, these products can be purchased at JR Kanazawa Station and department stores in Kanazawa, or at liquor stores around the prefecture.

(From the April 18, 2014, Ishikawa edition. Prices and other information were current at the time of publication.)

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