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Tsubata's “Hill Park” a prime vantage point [Ishikawa]

In Ishikawa Prefecture, there are a number of good spots, such as trackside hotels and parks, to watch the Hokuriku Shinkansen in motion.

The Shinkansen passes by a low hill in “Shinkansen no Mieru Oka Koen” (Shinkansen view hill park) in Asahiyama Industrial Park in the town of Tsubata. With a panoramic view, the park has become a magnet for those hoping to catch a glimpse of the new W7 series trains, which run at speeds up to 260 kph.

According to town officials, the park, originally called Asahiyama Park No. 2, used to be a rest area that was hardly used by anyone other than employees from the industrial park. However, word gradually got around among railway fans that the hill offered good views of the Shinkansen, and the town renamed the park in anticipation of trial runs last July in a move to make the park a new tourist spot.

“I doubt there are many places, either in Ishikawa or in other prefectures, where you can overlook such a long portion of the Hokuriku Shinkansen railway,” a town government official said. “We plan to hold events to attract many visitors.”

The Tokei parking lot near the west exit of Kanazawa Station, meanwhile, provides a good view of arriving and departing Shinkansen trains at the station, while the Meitetsu Kyosho multistory parking building near Matto Station in Hakusan allows views all the way to Hakusan General Rolling Stock Depot (which houses the Shinkansen), so both parking lots have become photo spots for fans.

However, both parking lots have restrictions. At the Tokei parking lot, only parking customers are allowed to watch the Shinkansen. As some fans have engaged in risky behavior, such as leaning over fences as they become overly engrossed in their photography, these facilities ask users to obey their rules and use good manners.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen on a test run is seen from a hill park in Tsubata, Ishikawa Prefectrue.

(From the Jan. 23, 2015, Ishikawa Edition)

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